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Last News:

2015-04-29CondorServerlist Version

New languages! Slowak and French.
Many bugs are fixed.

What is "CondorServerlist"?

CondorServerList gives you the possibility to easy sort, filter the serverlist of Condor - The Competion Soaring Simulator and other sources like you want. New servers can be displayed in a popup.




  • english
  • french (phil_delaine)
  • german
  • hungarian (Zsolt Mattburger)
  • polish
  • slovak (Erik Praznovsky)


Name Version Size Download Counter  
CondorServerlist 424.6kb 18735 Click here to start the download!

CondorServerlist is freeware and can give away for free. I exclude liability (§1, Satz 2 Abs. 3 ProdHaftG) because all of this programs are noncommercial and because I can't control the spreading of this software!