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2007-02-23CondorStartHelp Version
 The new version got a complete new gui and you can setup programs which should be started before Condor will be startet. There is also a new function to repair defect CNDR registry values - this is good when clicking on a serverlink don't work anymore.

What is "CondorStartHelp"?

You can start a flight from the serverlist of Condor - The Competion Soaring Simulator also when Condor is already open with CondorStartHelp. You can also define if and which programs should be started before and you can repair broken CNDR values in the registry.




Name Version Size Download Counter  
CondorStartHelp 312.86kb 7164 Click here to start the download!

CondorStartHelp is freeware and can give away for free. I exclude liability (§1, Satz 2 Abs. 3 ProdHaftG) because all of this programs are noncommercial and because I can't control the spreading of this software!