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Last News:

2012-03-20DSHelper Version

Wrong default values when loading old task files - resolved.
No joining time with french language file - resolved.
Added OpenSSL dlls and license (Help menu) for SSL emailserver - resolved.
Show Changelog calls the changelog on webpage - resolved.
Send logfile email over a SSL email server fails - resolved.
Old serverlist keeps running even if server restarted/closed - resolved.
Empty alternative Serverlist creates a access violation - resolved.

What is "DSHelper"?

You can simply control and watch one or more dedicated servers of Condor - The Competion Soaring Simulator with DSHelper. With DSHelper you got the possibility to send automatic text when a event occured, the pilots can use the "TASKINFO" command, start and stop the dedicated servers automatical and much more.
DSHelper is very capable for the realisation of online soaring contests.




Which settings are important?
The directories of the dedicated servers and the directories of the flightplans are important for the proper use of DSHelper.

Can I send the logfile also with FTP?
Yes! You can send the logfiles via email and/or FTP.

Do I have to enter every single flightplan directory?
Not always! If your flightplan directories are in the same base directory then it's enough to enter only the base directory.


Name Version Size Download Counter  
DSHelper 1968.36kb 16099 Click here to start the download!

DSHelper is freeware and can give away for free. I exclude liability (§1, Satz 2 Abs. 3 ProdHaftG) because all of this programs are noncommercial and because I can't control the spreading of this software!