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Last News:

2006-10-20K700 Dateimanager Version
 K800 problems fixed. It should work with the K800 now.

What is "K700 Dateimanager"?

The K700 Dateimanager relieved you the data exchange between your SE mobile and PC.

  • Copies files and whole directories from PC to mobile and reversed

  • Deleting of Data

  • Backup and Restore

  • customise Sort of files before Upload (good for playlists)

  • Open the file with the standard Application

  • Activate or deaktivate the Minutentone

  • Shows you the Batterylevel, Firmware, Free Memory, IMEI

  • Limitations:
  • The access to the directories Games and Applications is restricted from SE - is not possible!
  • No Unicode Support!

  • Screenshots



    • german
    • english
    • spanish created by Alex Loaiza
    • niederländisch created by Firasco Arabeco
    • dutch created by Fabrizio
    • hungarian created by Balázs
    • finnish created by Jan Grigorjeff
    • czech created by Martin Ruzicka
    • portuguese created by Karsh
    • greek created by John Costidis
    • russian created by Andrew Abyzov and Mikhajlov Maxim
    • swedish created by Patrick Österlund
    • frensh created by SaianSupa
    • norwegian created by Mikael Jonassen
    • polish created by Wojtek
    • Chinese (simplified) created by Meakin Chin


    Name Version Size Download Counter  
    K700 Dateimanager 430.9kb 178979 Click here to start the download!

    K700 Dateimanager is freeware and can give away for free. I exclude liability (§1, Satz 2 Abs. 3 ProdHaftG) because all of this programs are noncommercial and because I can't control the spreading of this software!