2020-11-27DSHelper Version
 Lates changes:

0000192: [General] Refactoring errors (hitzi) 0000191: [General] Allow auto redirect (CondorClub) (hitzi)
2020-11-26DSHelper Version
 Lates changes:

0000190: [General] CondorClub url changed (hitzi)
2020-07-22DSHelper Version
 Lates changes:

0000189: [General] Spectator count is reseted when you close the program settings (hitzi)
0000188: [General] Special chars in flightplan breaks the checksum calculation for condor-club (hitzi)
2020-05-18DSHelper Version

0000187: [General] Minimum spectator count was limited to one - change to zero (hitzi)
0000185: [General] Exception when startdate year is lower than 1601 (hitzi)
2020-05-05DSHelper Version

0000182: [General] FTP Race results upload (hitzi)
0000183: [Scheduler] Timer value for next trigger was too big if next event was several months in future (hitzi)
2020-04-28DSHelper Version

0000181: [General] Null pointer exception when DSHelper is started (Win7) (hitzi)
0000180: [Scheduler] Last start is not converted to localtime (hitzi)
0000179: [Scheduler] Some UTC problems with some timezones (hitzi)
0000178: [Scheduler] Scheduler logs aren't saved (hitzi)
0000177: [TaskEditor] Condor interacting wasn't loaded from the extra settings (hitzi)
0000176: [General] Server without displayname in xml can crash dshelper (hitzi)
2020-04-02DSHelper Version

0000168: [General] Official serverlist option disable/enable don't work (allow save flightplan and automatic port forwarding got the same bug) (hitzi)
0000174: [Serverlist] Enabled Serverlists are lost after restart of a flight (hitzi)
0000173: [General] Calc estimated rest time can produce a exception (hitzi)
0000172: [General] TP Height and Altitude values should be double values (I'm not sure about this - Condor uses integer values for these variables) (hitzi)
0000169: [Scheduler] Scheduler log isn't refreshed if another scheduler item is selected (hitzi)
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