2015-04-29CondorServerlist Version

New languages! Slowak and French.
Many bugs are fixed.
2015-04-28CondorServerlist Version

Switched from DotNet 4.5 to DotNet 4.0 Client Profiles so XP User can also use this program.
Background color can be selected within a filter.
2015-04-27CondorServerlist Version

Complete new program. You can define your very own filters now.
2012-03-20DSHelper Version

Wrong default values when loading old task files - resolved.
No joining time with french language file - resolved.
Added OpenSSL dlls and license (Help menu) for SSL emailserver - resolved.
Show Changelog calls the changelog on dev.hitziger.net webpage - resolved.
Send logfile email over a SSL email server fails - resolved.
Old serverlist keeps running even if server restarted/closed - resolved.
Empty alternative Serverlist creates a access violation - resolved.
2011-01-10DSHelper Version
 Fixed the "wrong language strings are tried to load" bug with Condor patch 1.14.
2010-11-19DSHelper Version
 New version is out!

  • Several events are missing at the serverlist/automatic text - added
    event when pilot started task
    event when pilot leave cloud
    event to manage windows turning point : bad entrance and collision with window
    event for collision between two gliders
    event for eating tail knuckle
    event when a user likes G-forces
    event when a user ripped his wing off
  • Split debug files
  • Replacing FPL outside DSH dont load new task infos - fixed
  • Don't catch the commands.txt as soon as it is visible - DSH watch the file changes and after this additional five seconds
  • Serverlist got the wrong stopjoin time - some seconds too late - fixed
  • Add a restart DSH command to the magicfile and scheduler
  • Magic-Command "STOPAFTERONEFLIGHT" get's wrong datetime - fixed
  • Magiccommand changeservername changes name to uppercase only - fixed
  • DS did not close everytime after flight - change the core window detecting functions - fixed
  • Serverlist functions generates a time difference when many events occurs - fixed
2010-03-24DSHelper Version
 New version avialable!

  • changed the behaviour of the serverlist functions again
  • the detection of the switch from joining enabled to waiting for race start did not work anmore - fixed
  • added the landed event to the servlist output
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